Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Are We Living Longer but Less Healthfully?

The 21st centuries is witnessing an increased life expectancy as well as a huge increase in modern diseases. While medicines help to extend lifespan, individuals now have to face the ravages of aging for a longer time. Ultimately, we lead a poorer quality of life, even though we are living longer.

One main disease: Two causes
All diseases can be traced back to cellular dysfunction, which are caused by:

1Deficiency of needed nutrients- Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Fatty Acids and Phytonutrients

The modern diet of processed and refined food is laden with sugar, fats and chemicals but lacking in essential nutrients. Even though most of us have enough to eat, the odds are we’re not getting sufficient amounts of essential nutrients that our bodies need to perform optimally.

2 Toxicity from exposure to polluted air, water and foods
Environmental pollution, bad lifestyle habits, processed and oily food all add unnecessary chemicals and metals that interfere with enzymes and cell functions. They are all toxic to our body and these toxins initiate free radical problems that at the end create damage to our body cells. A free radical is essentially a reactive atom or molecule that has an unpaired electron. These unstable molecules then attack and steal another cell’s electrons in order to achieve stability; resulting in an unchecked chain reaction that alters our internal cell structures.

Free radicals arise normally during metabolism. Sometimes our immune system’s cell purposely creates them to neutralize viruses and bacteria. However, environmental factors like those mentioned above will spawn free radicals. Too many free radicals in the body will eventually kill cells. An increasing amount of research has shown that excessive free radicals are related to most chronic illnesses and diseases like premature aging, fatigue, declining mental functions, cardiovascular problems and even cancers.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The ‘H’ Factor in Women’s Lives

Hormones make up the endocrine system and are responsible for the development, growth, metabolism and reproductive functions throughout a woman’s life. Physiological changes are often caused by hormonal upheavals during the critical phases of puberty, menstruation, pregnancy and menopause to address the different needs of the body, thus affecting the quality of life.

Adverse physiological symptoms of hormonal imbalance are usually caused by variations in the progesterone and estrogen hormone levels. Depending on the level of stress, nutrition, exercise and ovulation, a woman’s body produces varying amounts of these hormones from month to month. Other factors that adversely affecting internal hormone levels include environmental pollution like household chemicals and car exhaust, hectic lifestyles, intake of birth control pills and a diet that lack nourishment.

Many women are plagued with hormone imbalances that go unrecognized and untreated. Unfortunately, the development of modern medicine only masks or suppresses the symptoms- like painkillers for PMS, period regulators or hormone replacement therapy but these do not address the root cause.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine Approach
Traditional Chinese herbs have been used for centuries to address imbalance within the body. In Chinese medicine, the kidney, liver, endocrine and reproductive systems are interconnected and any deficiencies may affect other functions. Thus, nourishing these systems in a holistic combination of herbs can improve overall health and vitality and alleviate specific physiological symptoms or discomfort associated with hormonal imbalance. Some useful herbs for ladies are:

Huang Qi- Replenishes inner energy (qi) in females; aids tissue regeneration

Wang Bu Liu Xing- Commonly used to nourish breasts

Dang Gui- Regulates menstruation; helps reduce menstrual pain

Dang Shen, Dan Shen- Helps relieves blood stasis; helps increase production of hemoglobin

By nourishing the internal organs using these herbal formulations with Chinese medicine philosophy, it helps to regulate the endocrine system, resulting in enhanced feminine health and a better quality of life.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Signs of Healing

Do not be frightened or nervous if you get the healing signs when practicing the health concept of MRT. Your wise decision to use the MRT concept as your health regime will definitely bring changes for the betterment of your body.

In the early stages of the program, when your body is still getting use to the changes, you will feel tired and exhausted for a few days. This is happening because of the replacement of energy to support the regeneration process in important organs. You may feel uncomfortable and this is a good thing because it is a sign that MRT is doing its work in our body. To minimize the discomfort, rest sufficiently and continue with the program. Do not stop. Your body is healing itself and all the signs will eventually go away.

There are different levels healing process:
a) Catabolism- Toxin is eliminated from our body system. You will probably lose a bit of weight
b) Stabilization- This is the detoxification and cell regeneration in a balanced level. The body weight will also be balanced
c) Anabolism- Sudden weight increase happens due to new optimised cells growth.

All these changes means that our body is functioning efficiently and MRT newbie should not worry. Your body is constructing itself back to normal and changes and signs of recovery are necessary to let us know that MRT concept is working. If you are not feeling anything yet, it means:
  • You’re really healthy (congratulations!)
  • The construction works haven’t arrived yet at that particular area
  • The product or foods that you’re consuming to practice MRT is not up to the standards.
Signs that might appear while on MRT:

Possible Signs Reasonable Causes Suggested Action
Affected part becomes more painful
Encourage growth of normal tissue, reproduction and rapid recovery of muscle tissue, injured bones and nerves etc.
Do not panic. These signs will disappear
Cannot sleep because too active
The fat layers change to energy
This reaction will disappear after a while
Headache and always hungry
Low glucose level in the blood. Energy production uses body fat, which will reduce sugar level in the blood.
Eat more vegetables and fruits to balanced your diet
Vomiting and stomach discomfort
Happens because of changes in dietary habits
Eat more vegetables and fruits to balanced your diet
Low fluid in the body
Eat more vegetables and fruits to balanced your diet and drink a lot of clean and pure water
Weight increase
This happens to thin people because their fat turns to muscle while for fat people, it is because of water retention in their body
This is temporary. Your body weight will stabilized after a certain period
No changes in body weight
Weak metabolism or poor kidney and liver functions. It also happens to people who take slimming product, which will cause temporary changes to body functions.
Add more fiber to your diet regime
Itching and red tiny spots on body
Happens at detoxification level. This is a sign of liver problem or sensitive skin.
Drink a lot of clean and pure water and use detoxification therapy
Internal organ pain
Internal organ have problem
Continue with therapy
Dry and sticky waste
Toxin elimination
Drink a lot of clean and pure water and use detoxification therapy

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Health Regulation

In contrast with popular belief, chronic diseases are not part of the aging process. Chronic disease can be prevented if we take care of our health right from the beginning. If not, metabolism in our cell will be disrupted causing illness, depreciating body functions and eventually chronic disease will emerge.
The declining of our body functions will happen when part of our body is neglected or is not taken cared of in a period of time. This happens because of low nutrition intake in a long period of time, low oxygen intake or oxygen of low quality or weak detoxification functions. On top of this, too much eating or unnecessary food consumption, obesity and even the excessive use of the brain and body will put more burdens on our organs and create disease.
Eating process food and cooked food regularly will disrupt our enzyme level thus lowering the digestive ability and the nutrients absorption of our body. Eventually our body will easily be exposed to metabolic disorder.
We encourage the good health maintenance through consumption of nutrients and activating our body cells. After preparing nutrients supply, enhancing metabolism and getting rid of toxin from our body, we still have to give additional special properties to our cells and from time to time, relieve the present damages.
Step 4 in this MRT concept, Health Regulation focuses on providing nutritious food, activating cells and relieving the burden to parts or particular health problems in our body. In focusing to a particular health problem in our body besides our whole health, the body will heal faster and will return to a healthy state.
We will share more on the how to in future posts. Please tune in.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


According to WHO, colon cancer is predicted to become the no.1 killer in the 21st century in the developed world and it was proven that the main caused for this is the piled up waste in the colon.

This happens because most of the chronic diseases start with a dirty and toxic colon. Constipation is the main symptom of an unhealthy colon. However, if we are free from constipation and other related colon problem, it doesn’t necessarily means that we have a healthy colon. A study in Japan has revealed that a person who doesn’t have any constipation signs at all actually develops 6-10Ib of stubborn stool in their colon.

Further study in the US have shown that from more than 20,000 patient who have undergone surgery, not even one of them had a healthy colon!

That is why one of the steps in the MRT concept is focused on colon cleansing. Any foods that are not properly digested will not be absorbed into our body system and will be left as toxic waste. If this waste is not removed, the toxic will spread to the colon walls and will be absorbed back to the tiny blood capillaries that will bring the toxic to the whole body. This will disrupt the cell functions and eventually will develop diseases.

Some people have constipation problems but are not aware that it is a serious matter. Most will just say that its normal and it runs in the family or that the lesser they visit the toilet the better. They even say that they feel normal although they haven’t excreted for 3 days. Most don’t know that we must excrete at least once a day to cleanse our body of toxic waste form the food we eat.

Detoxification is step no.3 in the MRT health concept. It is very important to detoxify our body and to maintain healthy digestive systems. The correct way to do this is to cleanse and remove toxic waste from our colon.

We will share to you how to have a clean colon more in later posts.